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The City of Collinsville did not have an existing website when we were contracted to create this site. We were responsible for every aspect of the site from photographs to content, and the city staff really let us go with the project. Everyone was pleased with the result.
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Retail Attractions is a dynamic business that is constantly evolving. The owner likes to have a fresh look every year or so, and this is the third version we have completed with Retail Attractions. This site incorporates video and a WordPress blog.

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Why should my organization chose Torxweb?

Torxweb takes the time to understand our clients. We use our creative approach to produce a unique website that reflects your individual style while serving your needs. Building a website is a collaborative effort, and we will work with you through every step of the process. We take the relationships with our clients very seriously, and feel privileged to be a part of our client's growth.

Torxweb is a great choice for municipalities.
Torxweb earned their reputation by providing clients with a professional online presence that helped them stand out in a highly competitive market. One such client is the economic development consulting firm Retail Attractions which was founded by Rickey Hayes to facilitate economic growth and stability.

Most community websites are designed as a service to current and future residents and businesses and don't address the need to provide pertinent information to potential investors. Relaying up to date and relevant information is central to successful economic development. Our partnership with Retail Attractions gives us the advantage of knowing what retailers and investors are looking for in a community before they commit. To see other ways Retail Attractions can help your community, please visit their website.

Torxweb is a great choice for businesses.
The first step in any website project is to determine goals and expectations of the client. Depending on the criteria of your project, we would determine if your business needs a static or content management website. Small businesses that want a web presence but do not have information that changes often would be best suited with a static website that is designed to reflect the unique character and identity of your business. A content management system is the perfect choice for a business that wants a more dynamic website. CMS allows a person with basic word processing skills to add, edit and delete information on their website without the knowledge of HTML code.

Regardless of the type of website you select, Torxweb will capture the personality of your business that is both visually engaging and informative.

Torxweb is a great choice for church organizations.
Churches are perfect clients for content management systems. Today's active churches are alive with functions, youth activities and special events. The Torxweb CMS allows the office staff or church volunteers to add, edit and delete information on their website using basic word processing tools. Your website will always be up to date without having to hire a webmaster or having high monthly website maintenance costs.

Torxweb is a great choice for schools.
Schools are continually growing more interactive, and people expect to be able to find the information they are looking for quickly and easily on the Internet. The more information you can provide to your parents, students and teachers, the fewer questions and complaints your administration will have to deal with. Torxweb CMS would allow your current staff to maintain an up to date website that is easy to navigate and easy to modify.

Each teacher would have their own page where the teachers could quickly and easily post class notes, homework assignments and class information. Coaches would be able to post schedules, scores and tournament information using basic word processing tools. Urgent updates such as school closings or delays can be quickly posted on the homepage to help avoid a barrage of phone calls. Torxweb CMS is a great opportunity to bring your school into the information age.


Thank you for all your help and patience with our website. It looks fabulous, and we highly recommend Torxweb to anyone.
- Michelle Hampton
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New DotNetNuke Module - SmarterMail

Integra Lawn Service

Torxweb Design has just launched a new website for Integra Lawn Service that provides lawn care services to the Tulsa, Owasso, Skiatook, Sperry, and Collinsville areas of the Tulsa Metro. The site is built on DotNetNuke and is an online portfolio for their Owasso Lawn Care business. Visit the new site to see our recent DotNetNuke based design.