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The City of Collinsville did not have an existing website when we were contracted to create this site. We were responsible for every aspect of the site from photographs to content, and the city staff really let us go with the project. Everyone was pleased with the result.
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Retail Attractions is a dynamic business that is constantly evolving. The owner likes to have a fresh look every year or so, and this is the third version we have completed with Retail Attractions. This site incorporates video and a WordPress blog.

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Torxweb CMS Interactive Modules

Torxweb CMS has several interactive modules for managing website and is fully customizable depending on your needs and your budget. View our list of interactive modules specifically designed for our government, education and religious clients.

  • Action Center
    Report non-emergency issues online and route those requests to the proper departments.
  • Announcements
    Display a short description of an article or announcement that when expands to display the entire content when clicked.
  • Blog
    Weblogs are an informal way for city officials to communicate information including text, graphics or video.
  • Community Calendar
    Display upcoming meetings, special events and other important dates on an easy to use calendar.
  • Community Calendar Request
    Allow users to submit requests to have an item added to your Community Calendar using an easy online form.
  • Directory
    Display staff, department and other important contacts in an easy to use form that masks email to avoid spam.
  • Content Rotator
    Rotate images, information or even modules within your webpage to make your site more dynamic.
  • Document Central
    Present a list of files within your website that are available for download by website users.
  • Dynamic Forms
    Create forms for any use including government forms, job applications, or permit requests.
    Event Registration
    Allow your users to register for an event using a simple online form.
  • FAQs
    Post commonly asked questions and answers using the FAQs module to maintain a consistent format for all questions.
  • Feedback
    Allow registered users to provide feedback on new features or other changes.
  • Gallery
    Organize and display multiple images using the Gallery tool.
  • IFrame
    Allow users to view another website within your website.
  • Interactive Maps
    Based on Google maps, you can display facility locations or points of interest in a professional format.
  • Job Posting
    Post current job openings using the Job Posting module to maintain a consistent format for all listings.
  • Links Manager
    Maintain your links using the parameters you set in an easy to use form with option of recording link statistics.
  • Media Manager
    Manage, display and organize your digital media including images, audio and video.
  • Newsletter
    Allow your registered users to subscribe to a newsletter which can be email to all or selected users.
  • Search
    Allow your users to enter search terms and search within your site for those terms.
  • Sitemap Generator
    Automatically generate up to date sitemaps to be submitted to search engines.
  • Survey
    Take a quick survey of your users to keep a pulse on how they feel about important issues.
  • Table
    Custom a table to display important information and even make calculations based on the data in the table.
  • Text/HTML
    Used commonly to enter information using standard word processing tools.
  • Weather Updates
    Incorporate real time weather information for your community into your website.
  • What's New
    Show your users what has been added to the calendar most recently in a concise, list format.



Our site required a lot of custom coding and the results we got with Torxweb exceeded our expectations.
- Elizabeth Evans

New DotNetNuke Module - SmarterMail

Integra Lawn Service

Torxweb Design has just launched a new website for Integra Lawn Service that provides lawn care services to the Tulsa, Owasso, Skiatook, Sperry, and Collinsville areas of the Tulsa Metro. The site is built on DotNetNuke and is an online portfolio for their Owasso Lawn Care business. Visit the new site to see our recent DotNetNuke based design.