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The City of Collinsville did not have an existing website when we were contracted to create this site. We were responsible for every aspect of the site from photographs to content, and the city staff really let us go with the project. Everyone was pleased with the result.
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Retail Attractions is a dynamic business that is constantly evolving. The owner likes to have a fresh look every year or so, and this is the third version we have completed with Retail Attractions. This site incorporates video and a WordPress blog.

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Beginner SEO - Avoid Scams and Spammy Advertisers

Almost everyone has seen spam emails that say "have your website submitted to all the top search engines", "get 10,000 links", or the newest ones... "we want to help you get your website to page one of Google". These are normally scams and more than likely will end up hurting you more than helping you. If these are unsolicited emails, then it is also SPAM. I recently talked to a couple people who contacted one of these companies and paid them money for services, but received nothing in return. Why would someone ever trust a company who used an unethical and often considered illegal email method (SPAM) to advertise.

Here are a few quick tips to follow in promoting your website:
  • Submit your website to search engines (free service), but do it the right way
  • Don't fall for "get tons of links" schemes that can get your website banned from the search engines
  • Don't work with a company who uses unethical advertising methods
I came across a promotion the other day from a very large Search Engine Optimization marketing company. Who had an advertised sale on submitting your website to Google, Yahoo, and Bing for a low cost of $600. Wow! Sounds like a bargain. Wrong. The search engines don't charge you to submit your website to them - it's free (but won't help you much either). This marketing firm also have packages from $1,000 to $5,000 a month for SEO. I am just curious what kind of other free stuff they provide with those packages. If you want to submit your site to the search engines, then do so by signing up for a webmaster account (see links at bottom) and submitting your xml sitemap to them (you do have an xml sitemap right?). I personally recommend only using Google webmaster central and mainly use it to check for any crawl errors in your website or sitemap. Google webmaster central will also report any errors it finds that may be hurting you from ranking better. Some of these errors include duplicate titles and descriptions and pages restricted from being indexed.

Don't fall for any type of advertising that promises your easy or automated link building. When Google starting getting popular, people figured out that having lots of inbound links was the key to getting ranked. So automated link submittal programs and automated email programs were created to submit links to directories and request links from domain owners. As Google grew, so did their capability to detect these automated links and discount them. Google will, in certain cases, ban a website from their directory for spammy link practices. So, do not buy into any scheme that promises you thousands of links for little or no money.

Only do business with reputable SEO firms, preferably one who takes a personal approach to your SEO needs.. Do not trust a company who used automated web tools to blindly submit spammy advertising to you. More than likely, they are using similar tools in their daily SEO practices. Don't get me wrong, there are tools you can use in building links and website optimization, but they don't consist of sending "scripted" messages through automated tools. Search engine optimization and link building is a hands on task and cannot be replaced by automated tools.

Webmaster Links (All Free Services):

Google Webmaster Central
Yahoo Site Explorer
Bing Webmaster Central

For more information on search engine optimization for your website, please view our search engine optimization page.


Our site required a lot of custom coding and the results we got with Torxweb exceeded our expectations.
- Elizabeth Evans

New DotNetNuke Module - SmarterMail

Integra Lawn Service

Torxweb Design has just launched a new website for Integra Lawn Service that provides lawn care services to the Tulsa, Owasso, Skiatook, Sperry, and Collinsville areas of the Tulsa Metro. The site is built on DotNetNuke and is an online portfolio for their Owasso Lawn Care business. Visit the new site to see our recent DotNetNuke based design.