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The City of Collinsville did not have an existing website when we were contracted to create this site. We were responsible for every aspect of the site from photographs to content, and the city staff really let us go with the project. Everyone was pleased with the result.
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Retail Attractions is a dynamic business that is constantly evolving. The owner likes to have a fresh look every year or so, and this is the third version we have completed with Retail Attractions. This site incorporates video and a WordPress blog.

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Our Process

To ensure a unique solution specifically designed to satisfy your needs and the needs of your website users, Torxweb evaluates your criteria and utilizes their experience to determine a plan for your website.

Every CMS that Torxweb deploys has a set of tools designed to facilitate website management allowing a dynamic site that is easily maintained and updated. To read more about a CMS and what makes it special, click here.

A successful website development plan has several steps...

Step 1 - Define Goals and Expectations
During the step we would meet with a small group from your organization, your website committee, to discuss the budget, goals and expectations for your website. Some of the things we will discuss are budget, target audience, needs, time constrains and desired features. This information will be used to plan the rest of the web development process.

Step 2 - Establish Structure and Layout
Once the needs have been defined, the site structure and navigation is assembled. This step includes drafting a flowchart to outline the navigational architecture of the website for the website committee’s approval.

Step 3 - Compile Information
The information step is the most critical and the most time intensive for your organization. During this step we will determining what information is necessary to meet the goals and expectations we established for your project, and we will assist you in gathering the content through a series of worksheets and interviews.

Step 4 - Website Design
Once the needs and objectives are established, the Creative Team designs the graphics for the site including banner, menu, icons and other graphics. We work with our clients to develop a website that is visually engaging and informative and reflects your character and identity.

Step 5 - Website Development
While the Creative Team is working on Step 4, the Development Team will begin the website development process. This includes domain registration, setting up your SQL database, installing and configuring the modules selected and creating any custom forms required.

Step 6 - Content
Using the information from Step 3, our team will begin to populate your website and you will begin to see everything fall into place. If there is something that was omitted during Step 3, this is the time to make those adjustments.

Step 7 - Training
One of the key selling points of our system is the series of video tutorials available to help train site administrators and page editors. These videos walk the administrator through the common content management processes. We also offer on-site training for your website administrators tailored to their specific needs and experience levels.

Step 8 - Testing and Review
The functionality of your site is tested throughout the process, but during this step each piece of the website is scrutinized to ensure trouble-free operation. There is also a final review meeting with the website committee to facilitate a smooth website launch.

Step 9 - Website Launch
Once the website committee has approved the website, the website is moved to a production server and the domain name is directed to the developed website. Once this is complete, the website is again tested to verify the site transferred correctly.

Step 10 - Maintenance and Support
To ensure a smooth transition, we provide one month of free maintenance and support. During this time, our staff is available to answer questions and provide assistance to make sure your staff has the skills and confidence to maintain the website in the future. If you choose to continue using Torxweb for support and maintenance after deployment, we have several options to fit your needs.

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Thank you for all your help and patience with our website. It looks fabulous, and we highly recommend Torxweb to anyone.
- Michelle Hampton
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New DotNetNuke Module - SmarterMail

Integra Lawn Service

Torxweb Design has just launched a new website for Integra Lawn Service that provides lawn care services to the Tulsa, Owasso, Skiatook, Sperry, and Collinsville areas of the Tulsa Metro. The site is built on DotNetNuke and is an online portfolio for their Owasso Lawn Care business. Visit the new site to see our recent DotNetNuke based design.